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Esencia Paradise Dance Congress 2024 - Boat Party

Boat Party

boat party all aboard Get ready to set sail on the most epic experience of the Esencia Paradise Dance Congress! Join our “Boat Party” on May 3rd, from 3 pm to 7 pm, with 5 drinks and food included for only €65 per person. Elegance and dance come together on this unique maritime journey. Full […]

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Esencia Paradise Dance Congress 2024 - Concert: Pinto Picasso

Concert: Pinto Picasso

concert: pinto picasso 🌴PARADISE x PINTO PICASSO🌴 Thank you all for what you are creating for this second edition of Esencia Paradise ❤️ As a token of gratitude, we want to inform you that on Friday night we will have @pintopicasso for FREE for everyone 🔥 #bachata #salsa #dance #bachatasensual #bachatadancing #kizomba #merengue #bachatadance #reggaeton

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Esencia Paradise Dance Congress 2024 - Saturday: Dress Code

Dress Code: Saturday

saturday: Dress Code All white party Elegance dresses in white at the All White Party. Join us on this radiant night where white symbolizes the purity of dance and the connection between us all. Don your most stunning white attire and join the celebration of unity through dance.

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Esencia Paradise Dance Congress 2024 - Friday: Dress Code

Dress Code: Friday

Friday: Dress Code The great batsby Step into the elegance of the golden era on Gatsby night. Dress in your finest 1920s attire to immerse yourself in the splendor and opulence of the roaring twenties. Get ready for a night filled with  dance, and the timeless charm of extravagance.

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Esencia Paradise Dance Congress 2024 - Thursday: Dress Code

Dress Code: Thursday

Thursday: Dress Code Show you country Express your cultural connection on “Show Your Country” night. Come dressed in something that identifies you with your country, celebrating diversity through fashion and dance. Proudly showcase your roots, creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

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